About the apartment


Split Space is a newly renovated two-story apartment located in the center of the historical Old Town of Split in the famous Bosanska street. It’s a neat and relaxed place with a designer’s touch equipped with everything you need for an exceptional Mediterranean vacation.

The apartment spreads on two floors, the first one consists of a bedroom and a bathroom while the second floor entertains a living space, a kitchen and a cute balcony. It’s perfect for a couple or two people that don’t mind sharing a bed.



A wider perspective

Architecture and design


The apartment can thank its new looks to the architect Antonio Andabaka and designer Imelda Ramovic. The architect turned this rusty old shack into a modern and elegant place, while the branding was done by Imelda of Mireldy design studio.

Book Barter



On the lower floor you’ll find a refurbished bedroom with a decent bed that can accommodate two people. There’s a closet, a little work desk and, of course, WiFi. Don’t worry, the air conditioner is there if you need it.

Living room & kitchen

better than the corner office

The upper floor has a living space and a small, but equipped, kitchen. You can cook if you like or just help yourself to coffee or tea. You’ll also find a TV set, WiFi, an air conditioner and a rather nice view.




If the weather treats you well, you can always make your way to the balcony. The early risers will catch some sun, while the others will stay cool in the shade. It’s also a perfect retreat for the occasional smoker.

Book Barter


We at Split Space love a good read. That’s why we set up a book barter – a place where you can take a book that you like and replace it with one of your own.

In the centre of the Old town


You’ll be residing in Bosanska street, a well-known historical Split venue famous for its small shops and merchants. The apartment is situated in the heart of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, right next to the renowned Diocletian's Palace. Everything is in walking distance, from the famous Peristil and Prokurative to the energetic ambiance of the Riva.